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Unlock Facebook's Advertising Potential with Bake Bread Digital

Boost Your Ad Campaigns to New Heights with Facebook CPAS

Elevate your ad campaigns with Facebook's Collaborative Ads! Drive awareness, traffic, and sales using your catalog segment, and retarget interested users from your retail partner's website or app. Reach the right audience at the right moment for maximum impact.
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Achieve Marketplace Growth with Facebook Collaboration Ads (CPAS)

Ready to take your brand's success on Lazada and Shopee to the next level? Facebook Collaboration Ads (CPAS) is the ultimate solution for brands looking to leverage the power of these popular marketplace platforms. 

By collaborating with Lazada and Shopee, you can unlock new sales opportunities and expand your customer base. Seamlessly integrate your brand with these platforms, increase your product visibility, and tap into the vast user base of engaged shoppers. Drive sales and grow your brand with Facebook Collaboration Ads
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Join Thailand’s Leading Facebook Collaboration Ads Agency

Drive sales and outshine the competition with our agency's expertise in Facebook Collaboration Ads (CPAS). With a proven track record and trusted referrals from Shopee and Lazada account managers, we have established ourselves as leaders in maximizing CPAS performance and delivering increased sales for managed brands.

Our deep understanding of Facebook's advertising platform enables us to craft tailored CPAS strategies that drive exceptional results for your business. 
We go the extra mile by creating a daily-level media plan customized to your campaign calendar. Each day, we allocate a unique budget to ensure optimal spending on the day with the highest conversion rate.

Furthermore, we prioritize transparency in our campaigns. Every penny you spend on this campaign will be reflected in your own personalized dashboard, providing full transparency and detailed campaign insights.

Partner with us to harness the power of Facebook CPAS, drive sales, and experience unmatched success in revenue growth. 

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Bake Bread Digital's expertise and attention to detail were evident throughout the campaign, from planning to results. They created a custom campaign that met my business needs and were always available to answer my questions. Highly recommend for outstanding outcomes and to achieve online marketing goals.

(Owner, Mooauto Rayong)

I partnered with Bake Bread Digital and they exceeded my expectations. They increased my brand's ROAS by 15% in the first month, which was remarkable. Highly recommend their services for increasing ROAS and achieving marketing goals.

Puttimedh V.
(Marketing Manager, Modena Furniture)

Bake Bread Digital delivers outstanding results! With their help, our purchase rate increased by 400% in just six months. Their expertise, attention to detail, and communication skills are unmatched. Highly recommended!

Pantila P.
(Owner, Tila Accessories)

We're thrilled with the impressive results achieved during the mega campaign month. The CPAS ROAS improvement and highest GMV generated in a single month compared to the entire year are a testament to the team's dedication and expertise. Thank you!

Nattapong U.
(Smooth-E, Director Of Ecommerce)


Facebook Collaborative Ads allow brands to partner with popular marketplace platforms like Shopee or Lazada to extend their reach and target a wider audience through collaborative advertising efforts.
To create a Collaborative Ad, businesses choose a partner that has a similar target audience and agree on a shared marketing objective. Facebook then matches the two businesses and combines their ad content into a single ad unit, which is shown to the shared target audience.
Facebook Collaborative Ads are priced on a cost-per-impression (CPM) basis, meaning that businesses pay for every 1,000 times their ad is shown to the target audience. The exact CPM cost can vary depending on the competition for the target audience and ad placement.
Facebook Collaborative Ads allow businesses to reach a larger audience with shared marketing objectives, which can result in lower advertising costs and increased exposure. Collaborative Ads also provide opportunities for cross-promotion and partnerships with complementary businesses.
Facebook Collaborative Ads are open to businesses of all sizes and industries, but they are particularly beneficial for businesses with similar target audiences and complementary products or services.
To get started with Facebook Collaborative Ads, businesses need to identify a partner with a similar target audience and agree on a shared marketing objective. Then, businesses can create a Collaborative Ad campaign using Facebook Ads Manager or work with a Facebook Marketing Partner to set up and manage the campaign.
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